Transformation of Skill Development in India

Transformation of Skill Development in India from simply employee generation oriented to entrepreneurship driven.

With the modernisation that is following in every corner of the country newer skills are being discovered and tapped into selling points. With the fact that even the industry needs are altering has led to this transformation. The shift from process driven organisation structure to entrepreneurial approach so that every part of organisation is self-driven and innovative for being market leaders and giving innovative solutions to the customers. As well skilled entrepreneurs are more successful in managing their own entrepreneurial journey. Apart from the urban sections the rest of the country is also looking at creating industries that they are passionate about and striving to achieve that by honing the right skills. This eventually is leading to a major change in the overall growth of the nation.

With the rural entrepreneurship there comes a range of benefits. It allows to extract the underlying skills of the people and utilise it to run successful business that helps to not just create local job opportunities but also brings in a sense of economical harmony between the various classes of people. It also assists in promoting traditional art and encourages local creativity which is otherwise not a possible option amongst entrepreneurs. It acts as a catalyst and pushes forward a regional development that is balanced and uniform. This is what is achieved with Heavy groups Skill development in association with C.G Govt and CSSDA.

This transformation is possible with the right inclusion of entrepreneurship in skill development with right financial inclusion schemes integration for funding and right technology. With more NGOS offering training and workshops the application of skill development now seems to be a feasible option. How with Heavy groups Skill development is doing it in an innovative way:


Implementation and integration of financial Inclusion with skill development like PMMY Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna which is tailor designed for entrepreneurship for all level of start-ups


Under Shishu, beneficiaries are getting loan up to RS.50, 000 to start small businesses.


Next under Shishu, beneficiaries are getting loan up to RS.50, 000 to start small businesses up to Rs.5 lakh.


Last stage Next under Shishu, beneficiaries are getting loan starting from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh. Thus with companies as these coming forth only proves the power that is under-estimated and under-utilised in the rural areas. The youth must be made to realise the potential of entrepreneurship and how with the right application these can transform their lives as well as lead to the country’s growth.

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