Chhattisgarh State Skill Development Authority

In the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan for 2022 the total working population of 2.5 million people, nearly 01 million Certified and Skilled Technicians have the ability to create, with the state’s economic development will provide employment opportunities to youth, honorable Consistent with the intent of Chief Minister of the state’s involvement and participation in the development of all individuals to be sure, to achieve this goal, the institutional arrangements for Cordinated Action at the state level have been fixed: -After completion of the above classes of high school Skill Development for educational institutions of any agency, providing they are in the private sector, academic institutions that operate without affecting educational activities Skill Development Centres will be able to start work as it directly The system will add the ability to enhance the skills of the private sector soon will provide an enormous amount of public investment, which invest in skills training for the building to be due to the low rate of skills training.Operated with the assistance of the central government mission Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) at full operation and execution state to be with all the financial and administrative rights.Central and state government all government / private sector Ardhshaskiy departments and all installations / institutions working in the field of skills development in various NGOs / organizations to receive suggestions and skills development sector wise / stream compile Vice skill development activities monitoring according to plan and Avshykta.District / Block level to engage in skills development institutions to collect information structure.List of skills development activities in the state and the state of the labor / education / skills / employment -swrojagar necessity to assess skill development to prepare sectoral case studies.Block level / Panchayat level of skill development initiatives Sectorwaij-Strymwaij skills programs engage volunteers (Volunteers) to apply to list the village level partner development initiative to develop skills.Coordination between institutions involved in skills development / to monitor / evaluate.Skill development in the state / skill to get the involvement of PPP under the Private Partners.Arrange the seminars/workshops in State, district, block-level.Hold the jobs fair on State, district and block level.Create a mobile unit to upgrade the skills sector wise/stream wise through PPP.Creating a list of sector wise/Strymwais Master Trainers on State level, district level and block-level.State educated / trained the Yuwaon- higher secondary pass / ITI Pass/Polytechnique/Engineering/Agricultural / Medical – Nursing Colleges etc. pass the youth / persons listed to assess the current status of their employment, to the web-based and strive to increase their Mplayebiliti.All semi-skilled people in the state sector wise / stream wise / Area Vice listing proceed to their Skill Upgradation.Aprentisship technically for training graduate / diploma students / ITI Qualifies apprentices / vocational schools for the training of students passing the relevant industries / establishments / institutions to coordinate with.Industries – Institute for linkage system to prepare students for training in technical education institutions ‘on-the-job’ training / Workplace training coordination for.Technically trained youth for better placement of the Inter-State Industry Guidance create linkages cell.Placement cell ready educated / trained to provide employment opportunities to youth.In different areas of the state-run domestic cottage industries based on natural resources for traditional training courses to prepare qualified and SDI plan to get help from the central government to make these courses approved by NCVT.State Skill Development Fund for the implementation of skills development programs to prepare.Honorable Chief Minister of the state in conformity with the intent Skill Development Mission To be successfully implemented with the cooperation of all the invited Feedback.