Apart from regular services we are rigorously encouraging entrepreneurship with our Startups Association Of India (SAI). Run by volunteers and full time professionals this association is keen on bringing the talent in the frontend and helping entrepreneurs achieve the impossible. The key focus is promoting rural entrepreneurship and small business which will build and sustain the innovation ecosystem in India.

We are looking to expand our services and form a strong community that can rely on each other for constant support and

The Start-ups Association will be carrying out a number of activities including:

  1. The monthly Start-up Meetup which will bring entrepreneurs (successful or struggling) and aspiring entrepreneurs under one roof to talk, debate, demo and learn.
  2. The Start-ups Association conference that will showcases the best and most innovative products coming out of Rural and Small Business with big opportunities Specially from Rural India and enables various innovation ecosystem stakeholders to exchange views and network.
  3. Partnering with various organizations to promote entrepreneurs, incubate companies and showcase innovation.
  4. Working with mainstream media to highlight and promote rural entrepreneurship and Small Business start-ups, new products and technology.
  5. Working with entrepreneurs and investors to refine business plans, rise funding and make introductions to prospective customers.